6 Kitchen Renovation Must-Haves for 2019

In a constantly-changing world, the phrase, “keeping up with the Joneses'” takes on a whole new meaning. It seems like every day there is a new mobile device or a recently discovered superfood to try. We are so focused on having the latest and greatest, we sometimes forget about the areas no one sees. Let’s be honest, everyone has that one drawer in the kitchen filled with scissors, pens and other odds-and-ins.

Isn’t it about time you gave these forgotten areas some attention?

Your kitchen is where your food is stored, meals are prepared and maybe even where you entertain guests. Shouldn’t it look just as amazing as the rest of your home? This area, like all smaller rooms in your home, is just as important to maintain as larger spaces. 2018 had some very unique kitchen decorating trends and 2019 is sure to have more.

6 must-haves to look for in 2019


1) Concealed Vents

Moving into 2019, a quieter, artful ventilation look is trending. Whether using a traditional or more modern style of vent, having a sleek, seamless area over your oven will enhance the overall appearance of your kitchen.


2) Specialty Sinks

Craftsmanship (decorating with plenty of natural materials) will be one of the largest trends of 2019 and utilizing different materials and styles for a kitchen sink will be an anticipated conversion. Hammered copper and other materials will be making an appearance in many kitchens this year, giving a unique focal point to a once-overlooked kitchen feature.

Specialty Sinks

3) Industrial Countertops

Countertops may just be one of the most notable aspects of any kitchen. We’ve already seen marble, granite and a mixture of the two, but in 2019, we can expect a more earthy, concrete display. Swirls of rusty-tones will make your countertop stand apart from the rest.


4) Open Shelving

Open shelving will become a popular trend to not only showcase your favorite dishes, but bring new opportunities for styling your kitchen. Employing different color schemes into your dish sets can create an easy-to-change ambience for various holidays and seasons. Prepare to make very bold statements to keep up with this upcoming trend!


5) Concealed Storage

Maximizing storage space is becoming increasingly popular in 2019. Rather than bulky cabinetry taking up space, we can expect to see more concealed and concise approaches to kitchen storage.


6) Wood and White

Two-tone kitchens are going to become a commonality in 2019. All-natural, raw wood will become one of the first pioneers leading the kitchen design shift from matching to eye-catching.


As exciting as the new decorating trends of 2019 are, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. Changing the layout and design of your kitchen is a big commitment. That’s why you want to hire a custom remodeler that puts your needs first. Bontrager Custom Homes takes pride in bringing your personalized vision to life. We want your newly designed kitchen to have your personality and style in as many places as possible. Centrally located in Indianapolis, we are prepared to do whatever it takes to transform your kitchen and make you fall in love with it again. Schedule a time to talk with us about what we can do for you!