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Committed to Serving Our Clients Again & Again

Case Study: At Bontrager Custom Homes, it’s not uncommon for us to stay connected with homeowners long after their move-in day. We may install a fence, finish a basement or repurpose a space at a home we finished years earlier.We’ve been incredibly lucky, over the course of our 30-year history, to find ourselves working on behalf of repeat customers and clients. When homeowners want to work with us again on a new project years later, that’s how we know they really appreciate the relationships we build and the communication, respect and experience we bring to the table every time.

Adding Vs. Changing: 3 Ways to Know if a Room Addition is Right for You

Once you’ve found the home of your dreams, you really don’t want to leave. But what if you start the hate the layout or design of your home? You may want to add an entirely new room to create a fresh look, creative cubby or a new escape. Regrettably, building an addition onto your home is not as simple as having an idea and making it come true. There are a lot of hoops to jump through and red tape to cross.


5 Popular Basement Trends of 2019

If there is one place in your house that you aren’t eager to let guests explore, it’s probably your basement. Unless you have recently redone your underground dwelling, this area of your home probably smells a little musty, looks kind of disorganized and is – overall – dingy. Rather than continue to let your basement stay outdated and unappealing, make it the main attraction! With a few tweaks to the overall aesthetic, you can make this space livable, innovative and fun.


What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Custom Home

Here at Bontrager Custom Homes, 30 years of custom homebuilding means guiding you through the process and putting together a plan for completing your dream home is our specialty. Every Bontrager home is built on trust, and we’re confident you can trust us to keep you feeling informed, and valued every step of the way. […]


6 Kitchen Renovation Must-Haves for 2019

In a constantly-changing world, the phrase, “keeping up with the Joneses’” takes on a whole new meaning. It seems like every day there is a new mobile device or a recently discovered superfood to try. We are so focused on having the latest and greatest, we sometimes forget about the areas no one sees. Let’s […]

Bathroom flooring

Is Your Home Ready for a Fresh Start?

Three Easy Upgrades to Transform Your Bathroom Could your home use something new? Now is the perfect time to refresh and start planning your home improvement projects for the 2019 year. Remodeling spending is expected to grow to more than $350 billion in the third quarter of this year, according to an October report from […]

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Creating your custom home floor plan

One of the most exciting things about building a custom home is getting to create your own floor plan. However, I also understand that the thought of drawing up plans can seem intimidating. If you have no design experience, how could you possibly come up with a floor plan for an architect to draw? At […]

Home Financing

Now is the time to build your custom home

Since January 2017, the price of an average single-family home has risen by more than $7,000 * Steel. Aluminum. Lumber. While U.S. made products are our first choice when selecting materials, many of these goods are supplied from overseas distributors. But as more tariffs are implemented against these countries and other actions are taken, the […]

Remodeling a condo

Peggy Magee – An Exceptional Indianapolis Condo Remodel for One

Case Study: A beautiful 4,000 square-foot estate nestled in the wooded skirts of Indianapolis was the house of Peggy M. It was the home where she raised her children, created timeless memories, shared family traditions and eventually spent weekends playing with her grandchildren. Peggy worked with Bontrager Custom Homes in the early 90’s, around the […]

Energy Efficient Home

6 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

The United States uses 23% of the world’s energy, yet only holds 5% of the world’s population* How much energy does your household consume? Conserving energy is not only better for the environment, but it is also beneficial for you and your family. Investing in an energy efficient home can help you lower utility bills, […]


Why search for a pre-built home when you can build your own?

The housing market continues to be competitive. With five, six and seven good offers going for one home, homebuyers are being turned away and have even fewer options to choose from. Will it get better for buyers? Leading real estate agents of the Indianapolis market predict no, at least for the remainder of the year. […]


Betty Watanabe & Peter Barickman – Condo Home Remodeling

Case Study: When husband and wife, Betty Watanabe and Peter Barickman, moved back to Indianapolis and decided to buy and renovate a condominium, the first and only phone call they made was to Bontrager Custom Homes. Having worked with us 20 years prior to that, they were thrilled to see our family-owned business still thriving […]