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Committed to Serving Our Clients Again & Again

Case Study: At Bontrager Custom Homes, it’s not uncommon for us to stay connected with homeowners long after their move-in day. We may install a fence, finish a basement or repurpose a space at a home we finished years earlier.We’ve been incredibly lucky, over the course of our 30-year history, to find ourselves working on behalf of repeat customers and clients. When homeowners want to work with us again on a new project years later, that’s how we know they really appreciate the relationships we build and the communication, respect and experience we bring to the table every time.

Remodeling a condo

Peggy Magee – An Exceptional Indianapolis Condo Remodel for One

Case Study: A beautiful 4,000 square-foot estate nestled in the wooded skirts of Indianapolis was the house of Peggy M. It was the home where she raised her children, created timeless memories, shared family traditions and eventually spent weekends playing with her grandchildren. Peggy worked with Bontrager Custom Homes in the early 90’s, around the […]


Betty Watanabe & Peter Barickman – Condo Home Remodeling

Case Study: When husband and wife, Betty Watanabe and Peter Barickman, moved back to Indianapolis and decided to buy and renovate a condominium, the first and only phone call they made was to Bontrager Custom Homes. Having worked with us 20 years prior to that, they were thrilled to see our family-owned business still thriving […]