Harold Sark & Associates

The planning phase of the custom home journey is an exciting time. During this process, we sit down with our clients to begin designing the home of their dreams. If they don’t have an architect in mind, we always recommend our trusted partner, Harold Sark & Associates. We work directly with the owner and professional architect, Harold Sark, to design breathtaking custom homes that fit our clients’ unique visions, property types, and needs. With a pencil and paper in hand, he’s able to guide our clients through the design process to ensure their investment not only reflects their personalities but also compliments their needs.

No matter the project or size, Harold brings an open-mind and decades of experience to help our clients discover the best home for them. From detailed sketches to working alongside Bontrager Custom Homes during the construction phase, he’s able to help everyone see the project come to fruition. With Harold’s expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, our partnership has been bringing beautiful homes to life for years.

“Working with Bontrager Custom Homes and their clients has been a real pleasure, and the reason is simple. We share the same family values. We approach each project in a similar fashion. We listen closely to each client to develop the best possible design satisfying their needs, giving them a beautiful custom home, all while monitoring and keeping the budget in check. The result is a very happy customer.”
– Harold Sark

“We feel very confident taking clients to Harold Sark & Associates. His experience is so valuable to both our clients and us as the builder. He’s not only a great fit for us but also our clientele and suppliers. He’s able to work with the suppliers we use making the whole phase of the construction process much more efficient.”
– Scott Bontrager