Indiana Lighting

We’ve been proudly working with Lighting Designer Don Dragoo at Indiana Lighting Center for almost 10 years. With more than 30 years of expertise, his knowledge is an incredible resource for our soon-to-be custom homeowners.

We bring clients into the showroom early in the construction process so they can meet Don and browse through an array of options that will fit their needs and budget. They’re always impressed with what Don has selected to show them, so it makes for a fun day of shopping and planning.

The selection at Indiana Lighting Center is unmatched. Having built relationships with approximately 100 lighting companies, they have even more options available than what will fit inside their massive showroom. Their team carefully installs and assembles every fixture too, so we know they’ll stand behind every light if there’s ever an issue.

A trip to Indiana Lighting Center is always a favorite when we know our homeowners will confidently and excitedly be selecting exceptional solutions that will brighten and enhance their custom home.

“Lighting is typically one of the last things that goes into the home, but it has to be planned well ahead of time. The Bontragers are great about letting me know what their clients need, what they’re looking for and what they’re willing to spend.  We love working with their clients to find the perfect fixtures for their home.”

– Don Dragoo

“I’ve seen somebody describe what they think they would like and maybe they’re not seeing it around the showroom. Don will go get a catalog, he’ll find exactly what they’re describing and say, ‘There it is!’ I know our clients will always be well taken care of with him.”

– Reenie Bontrager

“We’ll roll out our blueprints on the table and Don will figure out everything they need. We keep coming back here over and over again because of the selection and because of Don and his expertise — that’s very important when you go to a supplier for things like lighting.”

– Scott Bontrager