Madison County Cabinets

Since 2003, we’ve worked with Madison County Cabinets to deliver custom cabinet options for our clients. Every one of their cabinets is hand-crafted and unique making a beautiful addition to any custom kitchen. Madison County Cabinets has mastered the art of making every detail stand out and fitting perfectly with our client’s vision and lifestyle.

Every one of our kitchens is designed and built to our client’s unique specifications, and they work closely with us to fine-tune every aspect of the cabinets to meet their needs. From various storage solutions to custom-hand drawings, there are no limitations when it comes to creating cabinetry. At Bontrager Custom Homes, we take pride in completing the build on-time, and Madison County Cabinets has the same high standards, backed by an outstanding guarantee.

“Scott’s personal attention from the get-go is rare. We work together on the job site and there is a lot of flexibility and workability. I don’t take working with Bontrager Custom Homes for granted. We have a high standard and for us to fit with them is awesome.”
– Aaron Riffey

“Working with a custom cabinet maker can make the process much more enjoyable. Sacrifices don’t have to be made based on what’s available because they are going to construct whatever’s needed. At Madison County Cabinets, piles of lumber are turned into works of art.”
– Scott Bontrager