Peggy Magee – An Exceptional Indianapolis Condo Remodel for One

Case Study:

A beautiful 4,000 square-foot estate nestled in the wooded skirts of Indianapolis was the house of Peggy M. It was the home where she raised her children, created timeless memories, shared family traditions and eventually spent weekends playing with her grandchildren. Peggy worked with Bontrager Custom Homes in the early 90’s, around the time her grandson was born, on some remodeling projects she wanted done. After having a wonderful first experience, she continued to work with them for many years to renovate the home she loved…but didn’t want to leave.

When it came time for Peggy to downsize and move to a new place, she wanted to take her memories with her. The gorgeous wood that made up her vanity in her old house was taken with her to her new condo and remodeled into a breath-taking design that still holds the same meaningful value it did before. The natural look and warm feeling it emits is something Peggy didn’t want to part with, and luckily, didn’t have to.

Knowing how hard it is to say goodbye to your family home, Bontrager Custom Homes wanted to create a new space for Peggy that didn’t replace those memories but made room for new ones and always reminded her of where she came from.

Kitchen Function and Beauty
When Peggy got the keys to her new condo, Bontrager Custom Homes met with her to go over the initial consultation. During the first walk-through, she expressed her interest in opening the kitchen to make room for a breakfast bar—a feature she always wanted. The wall that previously existed divided the kitchen and dining area, limiting the size of the kitchen and closing it off from the rest of the condo. Knowing Peggy’s wishes for a breakfast bar, the Bontrager team advised removing the wall to allow for more space. From the granite color to the size and design, Peggy worked with Bontrager Custom Homes and their valued partner Madison County Cabinets to create the kitchen’s quality look and feel.

Kitchen Counter Kitchen Window Kitchen Remodeled Dining Room

Just off the kitchen, there was a closed-in laundry room that also connected to the exterior garage. Collaborating with the Bontrager team and Madison County Cabinets, they decided to remove the walls and make an area in the cabinetry that would hold a stackable washer and dryer. This allowed more space for Peggy to move around the kitchen. When looking at the finished cabinetry, it’s nearly impossible to tell laundry is being done behind the scenes. After it was all said and done, the end results made the kitchen more functional, spacious and desirable.

Remodeled hidden laundry

Master Suite Added Functionality and Personalization
The next major renovation of the condo was the master bedroom. Peggy was having a hard time visualizing how she wanted to rework the space because the current layout felt mismatched and dated. When the condo was built, the entrance to the master bathroom was toward the back of the room and Peggy wanted it closer to the front. The Bontrager team listened to her ideas and presented several different visual renderings of how the room could lay. Peggy was thrilled when she found the option that worked best for her. The detailed visuals helped the team at Bontrager Custom Homes prepare a smooth remodeling process for the room rearrangement.

Bedroom Remodel

After determining where the master bathroom would go, Bontrager Custom Homes and Madison County Cabinets collaborated yet again to create the custom oak wood vanity that was built with one-of-a-kind wood from Peggy’s old house. With this being the heart of the home, no detail was too small or too big to ensure it met every one of Peggy’s expectations. Today, it’s complete with lots of functional space, custom lighting and memories that will last a lifetime.

Vanity Remodel Vanity Remodel 2

Custom Furniture Wins
While dining in a restaurant one evening, Peggy saw a beautiful shelving unit that she fell in love with. She wanted to create something similar for her new condo where she could showcase her beautiful, heart-felt gifts. During the remodel, she worked with Bontrager Custom Homes to visualize where the unique piece would stand out most. Peggy suggested removing the narrow hallway that led into the master bathroom, just off the front entry-way to help open up the space. It became the perfect place to put the custom shelf, giving it the recognition and visibility it deserved. Peggy shared her vision of what she wanted the shelf to look like and Bontrager Custom Homes and Madison County Cabinets partnered together to deliver an exceptional piece, incorporating home-made glass that Peggy’s father gifted to her many years ago. This was another feature of the home that held a great deal of sentimental value and one that Bontrager Custom Homes and Madison County Cabinets took great pride in creating.

Custom Piece

Quality and Beauty All in One
The beautifully-engineered hardwood floors from Bontrager’s long-time partner, Midwest Flooring, along with a fresh coat of paint and eccentric full bathroom, were also big projects that helped bring the condo together. The results transformed a 1980’s condo to a modern, personalized home that is unlike any other in Peggy’s neighborhood. From the wide-open kitchen to the functional breakfast bar, custom shelving and spacious master bedroom, Peggy was able to make the place her own and is now enjoying many unique features that she can’t imagine living without.

Bathroom Remodel Kitchen Remodel Condo Remodel

As of now, Peggy’s not sure what the future will hold or if she’ll ever need to remodel or move again. But if the time ever comes, she knows who she will be calling.

Thank you, Peggy from all of us at Bontrager Custom Homes for letting us be your trusted partner and for allowing us to be a part of your beautiful home remodeling journey!

“The Bontragers are fabulous to work with. They’ll never tell you can’t do something. If it isn’t possible, they’ll tell you what you can do and give you options that are even better than what you originally wanted!”- Peggy M.