What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Custom Home

Here at Bontrager Custom Homes, 30 years of custom homebuilding means guiding you through the process and putting together a plan for completing your dream home is our specialty.

Every Bontrager home is built on trust, and we’re confident you can trust us to keep you feeling informed, and valued every step of the way.

But how many steps are there? What sort of timeline can you expect from decision day to move-in day? Let’s break down the custom home building process.

Step 1 — Budget

Here’s something you can begin thinking about before ever meeting with our Bontrager team. Setting a budget is the first (and most important!) step your family can take toward your dream home. Then once we connect, we can help set you up with a trusted lender who will prioritize organizing your finances and helping you understand how the choices you make can affect your new home’s price.

Reasonable timeline: 1 month

Step 2 — Land

Where are we going to put this dream home of yours? Maybe you already have your own plot of land purchased and ready. If not, we can help connect you with trusted partners, tools and resources you need to find your perfect site. Once you’ve got your land, we’ll conduct an on-site inspection to get a better idea of how the property’s unique characteristics will affect construction.

Reasonable timeline: 1-2 months

Step 3 — Plan

Every one of our Bontrager Custom Homes is designed from scratch and individualized for you, your lifestyle and your needs. We’ll sit down with you and your architect or one of our trusted partners and pore over every detail of your design.

Reasonable timeline: 1-2 months

Step 4 — Pricing

We know you already set a budget, but once we’ve determined the design of your custom home we can begin finalizing every detail by putting together an allowance for everything down to finishing touches like appliances and fixtures. Then there are the fun final steps of closing your loan and signing the contract so groundbreaking can begin!

Reasonable timeline: 1-2 months

Step 5 — Selections

Knowing the importance of staying within your budget, we’ll utilize our connections with local and reputable brands to give you options that will complement and fit the design of your home. We’ll attend consultations together and shop for products so you can visualize their place in your home and feel confident with each decision.

Reasonable timeline: variable and ongoing through construction

Step 6 — Building

Here’s where things really get fun! You’ll be kept involved and informed throughout construction with routinely scheduled on-site meetings to discuss your home’s progress. Every project is different, but we’ll ensure things go according to plan. Want to change something along the way? No problem. We’ll meet and discuss any impacts on timing or cost with you at every turn.

Reasonable timeline: 7-8 months

Step 7 — Move in

Construction is complete and it’s time to turn your house into a home! It’s ready for new memories to be made and experiences shared with your family and loved ones.

And while the build might be finished, just remember your relationship with Bontrager Custom Homes isn’t. Our commitment to your home extends well past handing over the keys. Anything your house or surrounding property may need in the future, we’ll be here ready and happy to help.