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Whether your Bontrager custom home is built with accessibility in mind or you need to modify your existing layout, we’ll identify the best solutions that enhance comfort and ease, and also add resale value. From increasing the size of halls and doorways, to installing walk-in showers and easily-accessible switches, we will customize your home to make it the best fit for you. Our goal is to make sure you are safe, comfortable and happy in your home, and accommodating your needs while maintaining the unique character of your home is our guarantee.


Some ways we can help make your home accessible: 

  • Handrails and grab bars

  • Accessible entryways

  • Ramps

  • Walk-in showers

  • Motion-sensor lighting

  • Plumbing fixtures

  • Non-slip flooring

  • No-step entry doorways

  • Easy-to-reach work and storage areas

  • Height-adjusted cabinets and other surfaces

Spacious Living Room

A Commitment to Comfort and Care:

“A long-time client of ours needed a home renovation to make it easier for a family member who used a wheelchair on a day-to-day basis to move about the house and be comfortable. We dropped everything to build a ramp for our client that day and began to create the plan to improve accessibility for our friend so they could be comfortable and confident in their own home.”


– Reenie Bontrager
Co-Owner, Bontrager Custom Homes


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