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Custom homes offer numerous benefits, including choice and flexibility. When you work with Bontrager Custom Homes, we’ll get to know your family’s needs, your style, your budget and provide you with a gallery of tools and resources to create the unique vision you’ve always wanted.

Every home we've built in Indianapolis is different from any other because no two families share the same story. We guarantee a well-designed, solidly-built home that your family will love for years to come because we build it with you in mind. The best part about working with Bontrager Custom Homes is that we're your builder for life. And if it becomes time to move on,you can count on us to be there alongside you for the next step in your journey.

We’re here to build your custom home designs that offer you and your family a lifetime of happiness, comfort, and memories. See what a Bontrager Custom Home can offer you:

  • Total personalization to fit your lifestyle

  • The exact location you want

  • A custom floor plan to enhance functionality

  • A solidly-built investment with lower costs long-term

  • Superior quality all the way through

  • A home to make memories with your loved ones

Some ways we can help make your home accessible: 

  • Handrails and grab bars

  • Accessible entryways

  • Ramps

  • Walk-in showers

  • Motion-sensor lighting

  • Plumbing fixtures

  • Non-slip flooring

  • No-step entry doorways

  • Easy-to-reach work and storage areas

  • Height-adjusted cabinets and other surfaces



Whether your Bontrager custom home is built with accessibility in mind or you need to modify your existing layout, we’ll identify the best solutions that enhance comfort and ease, and also add resale value. From increasing the size of halls and doorways, to installing walk-in showers and easily-accessible switches, we will customize your home to make it the best fit for you. Our goal is to make sure you are safe, comfortable and happy in your home, and accommodating your needs while maintaining the unique character of your home is our guarantee.

Green Suburb

Build On Your Lot

Are you looking to build a custom home on your own land in an area you love? Whether you’re inspired to live in a custom home neighborhood or in the wide-open countryside, Bontrager Custom Homes proudly serves residents in Central Indiana and can connect you with our trusted partners to find the best lot for you.

Our custom home building process is perfect for individuals or families who are considering building a home on their own lot. We will help you in every step of your custom home journey to ensure it fits your needs, style, and budget.

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Build on lot
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