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With decades of experience in custom home design & building, we have perfected our unique process to be both rewarding and transparent. At Bontrager Custom Homes, we’ll help you determine priorities, offer design inspiration, attend consultations and go over every detail of building your dream home before, during and after construction. When you choose to partner with us, you will feel confident your investment is in good hands and always will be. Explore our process to begin dreaming about your Bontrager Custom Home.



As you begin thinking about custom home design & building, setting a budget is the first and most important thing to do. At Bontrager Custom Homes, we can connect you with a trusted lender to help you organize your financing and understand how the decisions you make can affect your new home’s price and value. From there, we will work with you to create a home that fits within your budget and exceeds your expectations.



Whether you’ve already purchased the lot and you want to build on your own lot or you need help finding the best location, we have the tools and resources you need to find the site that’s perfect for you. When thinking about your investment, we recommend the cost of your land be 20% of your overall budget. Once you select your new piece of property, we’ll conduct an on-site inspection to discuss the unique characteristics of your lot and determine the construction timeline.



It’s time to finally create the home of your dreams. Every one of our custom homes is built from scratch and designed to meet your lifestyle and needs. During this phase, we will sit down with either the architect of your choice or our trusted partner to discuss the type of floor plan you desire, the room setups you like, the number of levels you prefer and so much more. Whether you’ve always wanted a kitchen with an open layout or a large patio to entertain—building a custom home with us allows you to create every inch of your new space.



Once you’ve determined the design of your custom home, we will finalize every detail by putting together an allowance for fixtures and appliances that’ll serve as the finishing touches of your home. We’ll work side-by-side with you to help pick out your ideal selections to make sure it fits within your needs and budget. Your final step will be closing your loan, signing the contract and letting the groundbreaking begin!



When it comes to building your home, we know the importance of staying within your budget. Our trusted partnerships with local, reputable brands allow you to choose high-quality materials, such as kitchen tiles, cabinetry and plumbing fixtures, that will fit within your pre-determined allowance and are built-to-last. During this phase, we will go shopping and attend consultations with you to help you visualize what products will complement and fit the design of your home—giving you confidence in every decision you make.



During the construction process, we will work simultaneously with all of our trusted partners and craftsmen to ensure everything goes according to plan, and hold routine on-site meetings with you to discuss progress. If you prefer something to be changed, our team will meet with you to discuss the overall impact, including changes in timing and cost.



Finally, the home you’ve created is complete! Your dream home is ready for new memories to be created and shared with the ones you love most. Though the build has been finished and the project is done, it’s important to remember that your relationship with us will always remain. With Bontrager Custom Homes, your custom homebuilding experience can be enriching and rewarding, and the relationship you’ve made and the support you will receive well after your home has been built will never waver.

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