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Are you looking to build a custom home on your own land in an area you love? Whether you’re inspired to live in a custom home neighborhood or in the wide-open countryside, Bontrager Custom Homes proudly serves residents in Central Indiana and can connect you with our trusted partners to find the best lot for you.

Our custom home building process is perfect for individuals or families who are considering building a home on their own lot. We will help you in every step of your custom home journey to ensure it fits your needs, style, and budget. Our unique process includes:

Budget: We will help you organize financing for your custom home by working with your lender or connecting you with our trusted partner. From there, we will work to ensure the home exceeds your expectations while fitting your financial goals.

Land: If you don’t have a lot chosen, our team will help you find the best location and provide tools and resources to help you make an informed decision about building on your own lot. Once you select the lot, we will conduct inspections and determine the construction timeline.

Planning & Pricing: After your lot is selected, we will start visualizing and planning the design of your home. Whether you have an architect of choice or you prefer to use our trusted partner, we will all sit down and discuss the dream home you desire. After your consultation, we will determine the pricing and create an allowance that lets you know how much is available to spend on appliances, fixtures, custom designs and more, so you’re staying within your budget.

Selections & Building: Once the planning and pricing are complete, we work with you to select the best quality materials for your home. Our renowned, local partners are experts at their crafts and will work with you to create the exact design, color, and piece you’re looking for. During this phase, we will construct the house in 7-8 months, dependent on the home, and conduct routine on-site meetings so you’re aware of the progress and updates every step of the way.

Learn more about our custom home building process here.

With our custom home building experience and countless resources, you’ll have the benefit of working with a team of experts that understand what to look for in a property and how much to spend to ensure a smart investment. See what land in Central Indiana is currently available near you!

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